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#onebookjuly2014 week3 (Seriously?! Week 3?!)

How fast has that gone?! We’re over two thirds of the way through the challenge now and a lot of people are falling into one of two camps; the ‘Wow, I love this, I’m keeping it’ group and the ‘OMG. How much longer is it before I get my other planners back?’ group.

Not surprisingly I’m in the second one, but then I’ve always been a planner/journal junky. I’m am as Journal Gypsy, ager all. I like to have lots of things on the go.

However, this last month has helped me gain perspective on several things, which I talk about in more depth in the video:

  1. Bullet journalling is reactive; but I am not planning proactively and, given the amount of projects I have ongoing, I should be. (See also Kate’s video here, because she explained it beautifully).
  2. I outgrow small journals/planners very quickly. I simply write too much to keep it going for any length of time. But I like fun journalling in small books and I really liked carrying a small book.
  3. That said, if I use a small book, I then have a small book and my wallet, which may end up being redundant.
  4. I miss my Midori.
  5. I need project management and I need it to be proactive (see above), where I plan to do things before I suddenly find I need to and just wing it.
  6. Despite writing everything down, I still carry way to much in my head.
  7. 3 weeks is my max before I have to do a brain dump or I will go insane.
  8. I need to track where my time is going so I can see how many hours I’ve spent on projects, not the number of projects in one area vs another. I’m working on a system for that – video as soon as I get my project folders set up and actually organise it. Proactively. ;)

You can find Sophie’s Chronodex/Bullet Journal here
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Hobonichi Weeks in the Midori Travelers Notebook

Lots of you asking if the Hobonichi Weeks fits in the MTN, and since I was curious too I decided to get one. The Midori has a weeks option but it’s undated and split in two, which I really don’t like. This runs from April 2014 to March 2015, and for what I want to use it for that will be prefect.

I also show you a little look inside the Hobonichi Weeks, which is not unlike the other Hobonichi products.

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How to Fit a Larger Tablet Into A Filofax

I have the Filofax Pennybridge A5, which holds the standard size iPads. But my Galaxy Note 10.1 is taller and thinner than an iPad. Here’s how I hacked my Pennybridge to allow me to use it with my Galaxy Note.


  • Sharp, box cutter knife
  • Quilting ruler with a steel edge
  • If you have a small cutting mat that fits inside the area, this will make your life easier
  • An erasable or washable pen


  • Cut away from one end of the Filofax iPad slot, enough that your tablet will fit snuggly.
  • Repeat at the other end.
  • Check the volume and power controls are accessible and cut away aperture accordingly
  • Punch a hole for the headphone jack, cut away for camera etc if you wish to use those as well

You will end up with a raw edge where you have cut. This won’t show so much on a leather Filofax, you can simply bevel the edges. With a canvas, vinyl or bonded leather one you may want to cover the edges. You could use iron on bonded tape, glue on ribbon or bias binding, or even use fabric tape to cover it. I’ve left mine as you can’t really see it once the tablet is in place anyway.

Disclaimer: I deliberately chose a cheap end Filofax to do this to, as I knew my Note would not fit. You can probably do similar with the leather iPad covers like the Malden zip, but please be careful and double check everything before you ruin your beautiful Filofax!

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#onebookjuly2014 Week 2 Update

Not doing too badly with the one book part. The one pen causing a few issues! Firstly, my Coletto black has run out and I don’t have a refill. Second, the red is almost out too. Third, and pst importantly, I’m missing things because I’m not using my traditional highlighting system that I’ve used since high school some 25+ years ago.

It’s thrown me and I don’t like missing things. Good job it’s just admin right now not teaching or I’d be tearing my hair out. Anyway, I have a decision to make: replace my Coletto with my Pilot Gtec C4, which is the same pen but a single one instead of a multi, or replace my 3 colour Coletto with my trusty Ballpoint and add in my highlighters which I desperately need.

I’ll make that decision later today when my Coletto gives out.

Here’s my update – please see the description for any links mentioned.

The circular time clock I’m trying out is a MacGyvered version of RJ’s 24hr clock from his poster of Creative People and How They Spent Their Time. I’ve contacted him to see if there is some way I can finalise it and offer it as a free template for those of you who want to try it. I will keep you posted.

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Easy DIY Credit Card Holder (Vinyl)

Today’s Creative Quickie is perfect for those little notebooks for One Book July 2014!

It can hold 6 credit/store cards, or you could use it for holding washi tape on the go, 2×3 printed photos or mini project Life cards! Suitable for right or left handed people, just stick it to the surface that’s most convenient!


  • 1 vinyl/plastic CD jacket or similar
  • Double sided tape/tape runner/glue
  • Stapler & staples (use coloured ones for a funky touch!)
  • Pen and ruler if you want to measure


  • Use stiff card instead of vinyl to protect your identify card and info
  • Use coloured vinyl from a folder to match your colour scheme
  • Use a heat sealer for plastic baggies if you have one, to eliminate the need for staples

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One Book July Challenge! My Set Up #OneBookJuly2014

Here’s my set up for the #OneBookJuly2014 Challenge.

I’ll be using my (slightly McGyvered) Hobonichi Techo.

Want to play? Use the hashtag #OneBookJuly2014 on your social media!

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