Chronodex etc | How I’ve Been Using It

For August Carie Harling and MissVickyBee, and I decided to delve into the world of visual planners and play with Chronodex, Spiraldex, Pingadex, Artist Clocks and more.

My journey has led t0 me creating my own version, which I will put up for download later in the month, after I’ve tweaked it some more. However, in the meantime I’m pretty determined to see if I can get the Chronodex to work for my crazy, 24 hours schedule!

I split the video into three, because  it just makes easier viewing.

 Part 1 – Introduction. Why Use Visual Planning?

 Part 2 – My Chronodex Adventures

 Part 3 – Colouring a Chronodex (My Way of Doing It)

Here is my colour coding list, for those who want to check it out.


I will update later in the month with how it’s going and whether I’m going to stick with visual planning long term. In the meantime don’t forget to check out how Carie & Vicky are getting on with their visual planning!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 16.30.02

August Journals | DIYFish Aug Set Up in Traveler’s Notebook

Following on from #onebookjuly2014, I’ve simplified my planner set up somewhat. Details and links are below.

The Details

What I’m Using

I’m in my Creme Brûlée Traveler’s Narrow (customised) from Jennifer Harvey of, which I’m really enjoying and will review for you soon. I’m also still using my ‘Brain Dump Book’, which is just a Moleskine pocket in my Raydori Field Notes size.

My set up is planner, journal, commonplace book, with a Midori Kraft wallet and plastic zipper wallet.

Planner Inserts I’m using this month:

    • Monthly section is the ‘SkinnyJane – Blank Month Calendar (Monday to Sunday) for Minimalists & Doodlers’ by Jess Sissons (RogueCrusade on Etsy)
    • Daily Inserts (and the weeklies i’m not using) are the v2.2 regular 2014 for Midori Traveler’s Notebook from DIYFish on Etsy.

I’m also using the Chronodex from Patrick Ng of Scription. I will talk more about that on Thursday.

I’m L<3VING!

  • Monthly calendars for a whole year to view
  • My Creme Brûlée Traveler’s Notebook
  • Being back in multiple planners and journals
  • My Brain Dump Book


  • Flip out pages
  • Tracking things
  • Only using one colour of pen All. The. Time!

More Pictures….


A typical day in the Chronodex


Monthly Spread (RogueCrusade Inserts)


2014-08-07 04.58.51

August Journals | ‘Faubonichi’ B&N Journal, Aug 2 2014

I’m still using my A6 Hobonichi Planner for fun doodles, so I’ve stopped using my ‘faxubonichi’ in Hobonichi format. I’m using it now as a regular journal, using as much or as little room as I want to on any given day, and I love everything about it.

The paper is wonderful, really smooth and takes a lot of different media very well, particularly inks and watercolours. The spine is nice and flexible, and accommodates extras easily, so I’m looking forward to when it gets big and chunky towards the end!

2014-08-07 04.38.07

I have it in a Hobonichi Cousin case (A5 size), which was a RAK (I still don’t know who from) a few weeks ago. It’s beautiful and gives the journal the protection it needs due to the floppy cover of the B&N Journal. Incidentally, if you’re in the UK and wondering where to get this, you can find the A5 in various large Paperchase outlets and in Paperchase on Amazon, and an A6 version in Paperchase’s own online store.

Thought I might as well film while I journalled, so here’s me working in it for August 2nd.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 23.38.54

#onebookjuly2014 Week 4 Rounding Off

Well, here we are at the end of #onebookjuly2014.

How has it been for you? Want to do it again next year? What are you going to do differently for August? What have you learned about yourself or your planning that you’re taking forward?

I’ve learned a lot. Some I knew, some I didn’t know I knew and some was a bit of a surprise.

  1. I need a brain dump book and it has to be practical, portable and allowed to get ‘messed up’
  2. I need to write things down, or i forget things
  3. I need to colour with my highlighters or I miss things
  4. It’s not about pretty, it’s about function.
  5. Reviewing is as important as planning
  6. My system works; I change because I can and I want to, not because I’m searching for ‘planner peace’
  7. ‘Planner Peace’ is in your head. If you don’t have a system that works for you, no planner is going to fix that.

Had some issues with this video – you might want to turn your sound down a bit…

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More? There’s around 11 hours of playlist here, all about #onebookjuly2014!


Journal Your Year 2014: When Frogs Sing, Semester 2

Journal Your Year 2014: When Frogs Sing, Semester 2 starts on Wednesday July 29th with a doodling session. In this second half of the semester we’ll be getting to grips with topics as diverse as art history, planning systems and figure sketching, as well as continuing with our daily prompts and looking at how well known creatives over the years have kept their daily musings, art, plannings and commonplace books, with a little journal history.

Best of all, all I ask you to commit is 5 minutes a day!

We may be half way through the year, but just jump right on in with the day’s prompts and start from there. When the class finishes on December 31st, you can go back and start at January’s prompts if you like, or work on the tutorial sessions from January to June during our prompt weeks.

My classes never close, so you get as much time as you like to do the class and everything is set up as printable and downloadable for you.

Read all about it here!*

What students have said so far:

Thank you so much Rhomany you have given me the confidence to have a go at things I had allowed myself (and others) to think I am no good at. I have missed so much pleaser and joy because I believed the negativity. This is just message that I felt I had to post, it is from a

Continue reading