Art Journals: Pet Portraits #1 [FREE Class]

Today on UStream we were looking at pet portraits. Here’s how far we got; mostly looking at drawing the portrait, laying in shadows, getting the eyes right and laying in the first layer of dark fur/shadows. If you missed the live show, it’s available ‘on demand’ below.

We’ll be continuing next week when we’ll get the first layer in on the light fur and put the second layer in. Remember, these techniques were done in watercolour, but you can use any medium really, as long as you know how to handle it. You could even do it in pencil if you created your ‘wash’ with the side of the pencil as a shaded area then add the fur on top with your pencil tip.

Don’t forget the extra shadows around the eyes and ears to show the shape.

Thanks so much to all the new people who dropped by and all the questions about doing different animal colours, it was a really fun show.

As mentioned during the class, I am trying to sort out the camera thing. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but I will do my best to figure it out for next week. If you’d like to or have time to be a guinea pig for me, watch my twitter for me asking if anyone’s free to help me out getting it set up.

Also, I’m endeavouring to get the editing software sorted out so I can cut it down to just the teaching parts for my iTunes show. Watch this space.


Want to see more?

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