Art Journal: Watercolour Flowers [FREE Class]

This week’s Free class on UStream was all about watercolour flowers, thanks to Christy, which took me back to my roots. That’s where I started art journaling. At the grand age of seven, having already shown an interest in my mum’s artwork, I was given a copy of Edith Holden’s ‘Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady’. I started an art journal almost immediately, using whatever I found in our own garden as inspiration, heavily influenced by Holden, Beatrix Potter and the best colour pencil artist there is, Raymond Briggs.

I was hoping I’d have that journal about somewhere but I couldn’t find it for today’s class. I kept it for a full year, and continued journaling afterwards, though I moved away from nature journaling to just whatever caught my interest that day.


Violas - photo reference form Holden's own illustration

The trick to flowers, I find it to use a good reference or the flower itself and keep it simple. It’s easier to paint abstract shapes than a Poppy. Use big, bold strokes, dense colours and aim for a good representation rather than trying to capture every detail.



For light or white flowers, treat it like white fabric and paint the negative space and shadows, not the flower itself.



I’m not a watercolour expert, nor am I a botanical artist. But a little confidence and a good eye will give you enough of a head start to at least make something recognisable as a flower.

If you missed the show you can catch it on demand. It’s in about 6 parts because UStream was really messing up :/

Next week we’ll be doing mixed media collage. Sounds like fun to me :)

Want to learn to paint fun, stylised portraits?

Check out Christy ‘Gulfsprite’ Soboleski’s new class ‘Painted Faces’ [intro video here]

Starts March 15th, registration open now!




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  1. Christy Reply

    Another great class. So glad I asked as I learned more than I knew for sure! I will be rewatching as I missed a few bits here and there. Thanks again for doing these mini-classes ;) And thanks for that bit on the faces class. I am hoping to see a lot of colorful stylized faces starting in March!

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