The Christmas Chronicles 2016

To join this class, pledge on my Patreon page during December 2016.
(WFS2016 Students will get this class as part of their December class.)


December 2016 – The Christmas Chronicles
A complete planning, journaling & art class, all in one!

  • Journaling – Writing prompts, that are designed to get you thinking about traditional Christmas time (but not necessarily religious) concepts
  • Planning – Planning prompts designed to help you stay on track
  • Art Journaling¬†– We’ll be looking at ways to set a scene and how to include previous concepts from WFS2016 into your Christmas Art Journaling.

This class will take the format of the classes I will be doing next year, as listed on Patreon. I figured it was easier to show you how it would work than try to explain it in writing! This is the more integrated, free form, ‘month by month’ style class I plan to do next year, where each month is standalone but can be taken as a whole year, rather than a 12 month slog through masses of material!

The WFS 2017 Alumni & $25 Patreon sign ups will receive the full class each month:

  • Exclusive ‘Patron/Student only’ blogs/vlogs about what I’m working on and things I can’t show publicly yet.
  • Entry into Patron/Student only giveaways.
  • Facebook Group & Private Forum Access
  • Full, unedited journal flip each month (1 video per month)
  • ‘Coffee & Colour’ Colouring Page (1 page per month)
  • Monthly themed planner prompt (1 video per month)
  • Weekly themed prompts (4 videos per month)
  • Weekly themed real time themed page tutorial (4 videos per month)
  • Scans of my themed pages to use for inspiration or collage
  • Additional notes/vlogs if needed

Other options available on Patreon for this class:

  • Short version $5, which gives you speed paint videos and written prompts, for those who prefer to do their own thing but still want the inspiration.
  • 1-to1 version $50, which gives you the $25 class plus additional 1 hour per month online video tutorial with me on whatever you want to address that month from the class. This is limited to 4 places, so sign up quick if you want that option (1 person per week).
  • There will be an additional option for WFS Alumni only which I will post that in the WFS Alumni forum.
  • For those who just want the Christmas Colouring Page, that will be available on the Coffee Club for $2.50