It’s Never Too Late To Sign Up!

All classes are now available on the

‘Charge Up Front’ Patreon system!

That means you can sign up and pay for this month’s class at any time during the month! If you don’t want to do this month but want to be ready for next month, you can sign up now for the minimum $1 payment, then change your pledge to whatever you want to do next month. Regular Patreon billing is on the 1st of the month.

You can change or cancel your pledge at any time, so if you want to do more one month or less another simply log into Patreon to change your pledge and reward for the following month.

I am currently transitioning to the 2017 class, so please keep an eye on your Patreon messages as that is where I will notify you that you need to update your chosen pledges and rewards for the January class. This will be sometime during December.

All content will go on my private class site. Information on how to sign up is available on Patreon. It is a totally stand alone forum with absolutely no access to any spam or outsiders. Everyone who has access to the Student Areas is a fully paid up Student or Patron, just like you!

For those who don’t want to use Patreon (and I understand there are some of you), there are two other options:

  1. WFS Alumni (Students who were signed up for a paid class prior to Halloween 2016) can purchase a full year of classes with their 2017 Alumni Privileges.
  2. New students who simply don’t wish to use Patreon can Paypal Me their monthly subscription direct. If you would like me to set you up a recurring subscription through Paypal, simply let me know 🙂