rho-forum-avi-sept2016Hi, I’m Rhomany and this is Rhomany’s Realm.

I’m a professional artist, YouTuber and journal keeper with a habit of moving piles of stuff around in circles and calling it ‘tidying my studio’.

I’ve spent two decades teaching art and IT, both in the classroom and online, to people of all ages and abilities. I’ve been published in several magazines and am a fully qualified teacher specialising in online training.

These days I teach art & journaling techniques full time, mostly online, providing video workshops for people who want to be creative but don’t know where to start. Whether it’s journaling, planning, record keeping, sketching, writing or learning about mixed media, I have a class in it that will set you on your way.


I am a firm believer that everyone can draw and write, it’s just a matter of how well – and that is all down to learning and practice. All it takes is five minutes a day, and in a year you will have spent 30 hours developing your creative skills. That’s an entire week! Imagine everything you could learn if you dedicated a whole week to something!

Unlike many teachers, I don’t follow the ‘monkey see, monkey do‘ approach. I like my students to think for themselves, take the techniques and ideas I show them and begin to produce journals that are about them, their style, their interests and their lives. I will teach you how to draw a face and develop that into a style you enjoy. I will show you how to combine various media to create interesting pages and images. I will show you to write engaging entries. But I won’t show you how I draw or write in my style because I don’t want to teach you to journal like me.

I want to teach you to journal like you.

Got any questions? Drop me an email and I’ll get back to you.


  • PGCE (UK) Teacher Training Certificate, Wolverhampton University.
  • LetTOL Certificate in Online Training
  • Honours Degree in Classical History & Art History, Keel University