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Art Geeks: Wing It Wednesday Oct 24th 2012

Today’s show was a little chaotic because it was my first time streaming live on YouTube, but it was a roaring success, despite some initial technical difficulties. The session recorded SO much better than LiveStream, so I’ll be using YouTube for all future shows :)

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ArtJournaling.ning.com Challenge – August

It’s my turn to do the challenge over on Less Herger’s site, Art Journaling ning.

The challenge has been running twice a month since March, so if you haven’t had a look yet go and check out some of the awesome prompts from previous months as well.

For the first challenge this month we’re playing with colour, amongst other things.


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Creative Revolution: Nudge #2

Catching up on nudges for the Creative Revolution.

Nudge #2

OK, fellow Creative Revolutionaries … Here is your nudge for this week.
Take your camera with you today. That’s it. Just take it everywhere you go. To work or the grocery store. To pick up the kids from school. On a walk.
Spin around and shoot off a few pictures. Take a picture of your shadow or the sky or your front stoop. Take a picture of the book you are reading, your desk, your co-worker. Take a picture of your dinner. Try not to take a picture of your kids or your pet. Yes, I know that is hard.
You don’t need to be a Photographer, you just take a few shots. Five minutes.

One of the best things about October? The £1 shops are bursting with crazy socks for your inner-Goth!

Art Journaling in Cofffee Shops. The ultimate Autumn afternoon out.

Art Journaling Prompt: Colourful Collages

I’m having an unusually busy week this week. I just spent 2 days double checking the accounts and submitting my tax return (Yay! Finally done!) and now I’ve had to switch gear to my other brain and get on with finishing a commission and some art pieces for a local gallery.

There’s been no art journaling this week with all this activity going on and it’s likely to remain that way for the weekend as there’s still lots to do and I’m teaching on Saturday and Monday, so I thought I’d drag one out from the vaults.

'Love' 8x12 art journal page © 2007 Klair Scattergood

'Love' 8x12 art journal page © 2003 Klair Scattergood

This page is from November 2003 when I was obsessed with monochromatic collages. I was trying to get a feel for the different tones and hues of one colour and the emotions particular colours evoke. It’s a stock page creation technique I fall back on a lot and I find it very therapeutic as I’m less attached to the outcome than the process itself. I did nothing to this page other than paint it red and then add snippets from magazines in red or that fit the theme of Love. I add a George Sands quote (I was very into Moulin Rouge at the time:-

"The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."

You can see some more examples here in blue (fantasy,2006) and orange (peace, 2008).


  1. Pick a colour, any colour. Pick two if you want. But no more than two.
  2. Pick a one word theme, whether it goes with that colour or not.
  3. Pull out magazine cuttings, patterned papers, paints, crayons etc all in that colour and get busy with the gluestick. Overlap as many images and words into the page as you possibly can.
  4. Add words or a quote that fits the theme of your overall design when you’re done.


  • If you have trouble picking ‘randomly’ then close your eyes and pull a coloured pencil out of the pot.
  • If you get stuck with themes, write down words you like the sound of, would like to explore or that mean something to you.  Enlist the other half, the kids, your mum, even the next door neighbour to tell you 3 random words off the top of their heads and add them to the list.
  • Never put a colour or word back in the pot. Even if you just did that colour and theme combination yesterday, the chances are you’ll do it differently today.

Art Journal Prompt: That January Feeling

How are you feeling this week? There’s a month left until the month is over and it’s around now a lot of people start flagging. The resolutions are waning because other committments are getting in the way,  the Holidays are a dim and distant memory and there aren’t any more to look forward to for a while (unless you’re coupled up and celebrating Valentine’s Day), the weather’s not showing any signs of getting better yet except for the odd snow drop. All of this could mean that you’re starting to feel a bit down.

Or maybe you’re the other way. Your word of the year has bolstered your confidence and now the kids are packed off to school you’re attacking your passions with new vigour. You’ve got your new habit nailed, you’re thinking about booking your summer holidays and finally the nights are drawing out and you no longer feel like you’re living cocooned in Dracula’s lair.

For this prompt, write about how you’re feeling and create a plan of attack to go with it. Do you need a pick me up? A little treat to blow away the midwinter blues? Or maybe you need a day off to review your whirlwind schedule and take a breath? Do you need to get started on that word of yours before it’s February already? Or do you need to find some motivation to keep going at what you’ve started?

So far my month is going OK, but then January is always just treading water for me. It’s just killing time between christmas and my birthday. But now I’m in the final week and I feel much perkier. Lots to do before Friday, lots to do before the end of the month and lots of pots on the boil that I need to keep simmering gently.

So far, so good.

"That January Feeling" 8x12" art journaling page © 2010 Klair Scattergood

"That January Feeling" 8x12" art journaling page © 2010 Klair Scattergood

This page is done in an ink and wash style like ‘La Parisienne‘ from last week. I really enjoy doing this very loose but colourful style and I want to explore it some more, so expect to see some more like this in the next month or so.

Art Journal Page: Quote UnQuote

Week 2′s prompt was to write your own quote in your journal. This is the page I came up with. For the writing on the right hand side I used my quill pen, which I absolutely love and which reminds me of the old fashioned nib pens we used in school. I have to use this pen more.

'Quote Unquote' 8x12" art journal page © Klair Scattergood

'Quote Unquote' 8x12" art journal page © Klair Scattergood

I’m a little late with this week’s prompt because my page isn’t dry yet and having tried both ways now I’d rather put my pages up at the same time as the prompts rather than later. But there is one on its way tomorrow. It’s a weekly prompt anyway so it’s no biggy if it’s not on the same day every week anyways. No pressure for art journaling.

I started trying to do a quick pen drawing every day around the 3rd, something that’s just a quick scribble which I thought I’d use as an opportunity to try out different black pens for illustration work and lettering. I find if I don’t do a bit every day I lose m steady hand, so daily practice is a good thing.

Daily doodle page © Klair Scattergood

Dialy doodle snippet

I started off just with scraps of paper and post its that I was going to chuck away (possibly keeping the better ones for my art journal) but then Teesha posted that she was doing the same thing and I loved her format. I’d considered getting a daily planner or something but the cartoon style layout really appealed to me. So I dug out an old 9×9″ Daler-Rowney hardback cartridge book and I’m loving it. I spend no more than 10-15 minutes on these, usually whilst having a quick cup of tea and it’s like a break from whatever I’m supposed to be working on. Dawn’s doing it too and she’s posted a few pages already so go check out her stuff as well.